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About Shopserengetitea.com

Shopserengetitea.com was created in order to sell Serengeti Tea & Coffee via an online channel allowing customers to order all of Serengeti Tea company products.

Shopserengetitea.com is managed by David Ricardo Inc. and Atrian Trading Inc. We have an exclusive online distribution deal with Serengeti Tea & Company. 

  • For order status or customer service contact us at help@shopserengetitea.com.
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About the Serengeti Tea Company

The Serengeti Tea Company was founded in 1993. Since then it has been driven to push the boundaries of the brewed beverage industry. Serengeti caters to the most demanding consumer and is redefining the tea & coffee experience as they offer their new line of tea and coffee sticks.

In all of the carefully crafted blends, Serengeti Tea Comapny uses the highest quality ingredients from multiple regions around the world including Chile, China, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Spain and the United States. The result is a perfectly balanced cup.

Stick Information

Serengeti’s tea & coffee sticks deliver the ideal combination of quality, style and convenience. Here are some quick benefits:

  1. Tea & coffee sticks works as their own stick, no spoon or wringing required.
  2. They are manufactured in the United States under a clean room environment for enhanced sanitary conditions.
  3. Serengeti Tea uses a nitrogen flushed and wrapped in aroma barrier film for maximum freshness.
  4. Contains no dust like many traditional tea bags.
  5. 100% comprised of all natural ingredients and flavors.
  6. All products have advanced food safe materials exceeding the FDA’s guidelines.